Benefit Corporations

Root + Branch supports sustainable growth in Washington DC

Meridian Hill Park enjoys a drum circle

At Root + Branch, we believe that our work should improve communities and sustainability. That’s why we’re a proud B Corp (or benefit corporation).

Our scalable development model emphasizes equitable growth, sustainability, and social justice, and we specialize in empowering local nonprofits with proven track records.

We answer to stakeholders, not shareholders

The B Corp movement is propelled by businesses devoted to doing good. Our goal is not to simply profit, but to enrich entire neighborhoods. As a B Corp, we adhere to a Declaration of Interdependence— because true value is shared value.


B Corps are held to higher standards of accountability, transparency, and impact than traditional for-profit organizations. This ensures that Root + Branch, like all B Corps, can measure our positive impact both in the communities we work in and the overall environment.

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Our B Impact Assessments are available for review on request.