Solar For All

The Neighborhood Solar Equity- Solar for All (NSE-SFA) solar project is maximizing the impact of clean energy in the District of Columbia.

Through a DOEE Department of Energy and Environment Solar for All Innovation and Expansion Grant, we are deploying solar on five buildings on the campus of George Washington University and catalyzing decades of economic and environmental benefits for the DC community. 

NSE—Solar for All is demonstrating that the benefits of solar are not limited to the grid, but can be felt throughout our neighborhoods in investment, engagement and community commitment. IMG_3616

Each Neighborhood Solar Equity installation strives to: 

  • Repurpose vacant space on roofs to create new active green roofs
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of Washington, DC
  • Provide a return on investment for our partners, investors, and grantors
  • Empower and support proactive community organizers
  • Provide a replicable, scalable model for use in urban areas across the nation
  • Catalyze future opportunities for our neighbors and partner organizations
  • Serve as building blocks for equitable economic growth in communities


This solar offsets some of the power used in DC—which would otherwise be generated by fossil fuel—over the next 20 years. The power is provided to our hosts, and as with all NSE projects, we also share the profits of the solar system by reinvesting into community development and additional clean energy throughout the lifespan of the system. 

DOEE has stepped up to partner with us, and maximize our impact! With the Solar for All grant, we are providing even more benefits to our surrounding neighbors in Washington, DC. 

We created a website dedicated to this project, to share the details of this innovative partnership and help our community plug in to the benefits. Check out or click below. 


Home page of the NSE-Solar for All website


Are you an income eligible resident or a non-profit serving our city interested in sharing in the benefits of our solar?   

For questions or inquiries about the Solar For All project, please contact us at or call us at 202.495.1657.