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Applications Are Open

Our Neighborhood Solar Equity team, with support from the District of Columbia’s Solar for All program, has built solar facilities on George Washington University, and is now sharing the benefit of clean energy with our neighbors!

You can learn all about this project, our partners and the benefits we are delivering at

We built solar that delivers shared value to our neighbors.

And now we want you to benefit!


We are providing a stipend based on the production of clean energy produced by the solar systems at George Washington University. There is no cost to apply or receive the benefits. Applications are open for

  • 60 income eligible DC residents.
  • to receive up to $900/year towards your energy bills


  • Income eligible. Must be at or below 80% AMI in the District of Columbia. 
  • DC resident. Must live within the limits District of Columbia.
  • Pepco customer. Must have a Pepco utility bill in their own name.
  • Other. Other benefits, like LIHEAP, may affect eligibility, and will be vetted and reviewed with each applicant where relevant before finalizing participation in program.

How to Apply

An easy application must be submitted to be considered for the program. We will verify eligibility, and ensure that the program will not interfere with any other program the subscriber is currently using.  If the applicant is a participant in any of the following programs, they can simply show proof of participation within the past 12 months with their application; TANF, SNAP, SSI, LIHEAP, RAD or the District’s Housing Choice Voucher Program. Otherwise, they will need to provide documentation of income eligibility for review.  

You can request an application by visiting or contacting us below or at


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