Neighborhood Solar Equity

Root + Branch has partnered with Community Renewable Energy to launch the Neighborhood Solar Equity Initiative, a family of projects that harness renewable energy technology to create shared value for our neighborhoods.

Building Neighborhood Equity

Root + Branch's Power Up Missions support sustainable development and the growth of Washington, DC's nonprofit sectorAt Root + Branch, we harness financial, community, and renewable energy resources to boost the capacity of local nonprofits.

We broker partnerships between large, established public sector institutions in Washington, DC (such as universities and hospitals) that want to enhance sustainability and smaller, highly engaged community organizations (such as food banks and shelters). We help local nonprofits access budget-saving solar power while minimizing upfront costs of renewable energy.

Our model for solar installations uses progressive, solar-friendly public policy to create energy projects that are accessible to nonprofits, renters, and low-income residents and attractive to investors and lenders.


  • Repurpose vacant space on roofs to create new active green roofs
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of Washington, DC
  • Provide a return on investment for our partners and lenders
  • Empower and support proactive community organizers
  • Provide a replicable, scalable model for use in urban areas across the nation
  • Catalyze future opportunities  for our neighbors and partner organizations
  • Serve as building blocks for equitable economic growth in communities

If you are interested in participating in Root + Branch’s shared value solar, have a worthy beneficiary in mind, know of a vacant roof to consider, or would like more information on opportunities please email us at 

Solar For All

NSE—Solar for All is demonstrating that the benefits of solar are not limited to the grid, but can be felt throughout our neighborhoods in investment, engagement and community commitment.