Georgetown University & Unsung Heroes

The Washington Post did a spotlight on an effort initiated by Georgetown University students to bridge a divide between students and campus staff, through a project called “Unsung Heroes.” In the vein of social media accounts like Humans of New York, Unsung Heroes provides quick spotlights of familiar faces around campus. The only difference? They are all of the workers who keep their universities running behind the scenes. Cashiers, bus drivers, janitors, etc.

Each of those workers has a story. Many of them are immigrants, and their collective histories of war and flight and families left behind offer a master class in geo­politics. No tuition needed.- Petula Dvorak, Washington Post reporter

The heartening effort has taken hold and inspired crowd funding campaigns, new friendships and better relationships on campus- but not just at Georgetown! The effort has caught on at other universities, including Notre Dame, UCLA, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Maryland.

Like their Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter accounts to get your regular updates of these Unsung Heroes.

This is the sort of thing that makes us proud of our connections and partnerships with Georgetown University. Hoya Saxa. – L

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